Web Portfolio

Pest Mafia

Pest Mafia

  • Current Webmaster
  • New website design
  • Responsive and Mobile friendly
IVP Colorado

IVP Colorado

  • Current Webmaster
  • New website design
  • Responsive and Mobile friendly
  • Digital Marketing
  • E-mail Designs
  • Social Media Manager
  • Design of PDF sign-up/registration forms
  • Business card design
  • Advertising flyer design
RK2 Ponds

RK2 Ponds

  • Current Webmaster
  • Replication of RK2 Systems design but focus on pond aspect
  • Project photo gallery
  • Large table data integration
  • Encoporate Google Translater
  • Semi-responsive design
  • PHP/HTML form programming
Antler Quest

Antler Quest

  • Current Webmaster
  • New website design
  • 2 photo galleries showcacing client and nature
RK2 Systems

RK2 Systems

  • Current Webmaster
  • New website design
  • Project photo gallery
  • Encoporate Google Translater
  • Semi-responsive design
A Spare Rib BBQ

A Spare Rib BBQ - Archive

  • New website design
  • New logo design
Persnickety Baby Bedding

Persnickety Baby Bedding - Archive

  • New website design
  • Shopping cart setup
  • My Registry integration
McDonough Orthopedic Surgery

McDonough Orthopedic Surgery - Archive

  • New website design to showcase orthopedic surgery from the doctor's aspect. Old website showcased from and organization aspect
  • New logo design
  • Rotating photo set for top area
  • Replication and clean up of forms and health library PDF files
  • Search Engine Optimization focused on local competitors as well as the doctor's name
NCB Builders

NCB Builders

  • New website design to incorporate expanding viewership that is using larger resolution monitors
  • Design of new logo
  • Rotating photo set for main page
  • Clean up and organized project portfolio
Amy Michelle

Amy Michelle - Archive

  • New website design based of off new graphic design by graphic artist
  • Sectionalized product pages based on different marketing (Go Bebe, Go Travel, Go Work, Go School)
  • Tabbed information functionality for each product (Go Bebe, Go Travel, Go Work, Go School)
  • Image swapping function depending on dropdown color choices
  • Image swapping function depending on color swatch click
  • Zoom function for specific product image shots
  • Sectionalization & organization of information and photos for each product
  • Modification of shopping cart to track origin of purchase (individual product page vs general product pages)
  • Incorporate new design to blog
  • Update to a new shopping cart
B Wise Vineyards

B Wise Vineyards - Archive

  • New website design
  • Use more dramatic photos that revolve around the individual product
  • Improve layout with existing and upcoming content
  • Incorporate new logo and color scheme
  • Update layout to incorporate expanding viewership that is using larger resolution monitors
  • Incorporate social media aspects
  • Revise code to be compliant with W3C standards
Regis University

Regis University - (contract 11/1/06 - 5/1/11) - Archive

  • Design and layout of home page based on current logo, colors, layout, styles of subpages while presenting new look and feel
  • Rotating images for top area
  • Rotating information after refresh
  • Tabbed information based on click
  • Worked well as liaison between ITS and academic/administrative units needing web help
  • Had communication skills to complement technical skills - was able to translate plain talk into technological language
  • Re-designed and re-built entire prospective student section of web-site.
  • Provided design expertise currently unavailable in house
  • Worked effectively with a variety of administrative and academic units on needs assessment and web-page upgrades
  • Worked equally effectively with people at all levels of the organization including faculty, staff, and executive administration
  • Worked with new Sharepoint web type templates to help integrate regular Sharepoint layout to more web design friendly
  • Flexible as needs determined workflow
3 Point Advisors

3 Point Advisors - Archive

  • New website design to showcase services and projects
  • Animated photo set to give audience a visual perspective on their services
  • Highlight sample examples of reports offered
Quail Ridge

Quail Ridge - Archive

  • New website design to showcase new community development in Midland, TX
  • Layout of floor plan pages that incorporate photo, floor plan, key items, features and price
School of Natural Cookery

School of Natural Cookery - Archive

  • New website layout and coding based on separate design by graphic artist
  • Layout of two separate services/concepts under one overall company concept
  • Addition of video
  • Extensive forms for classes
Iowa Exchange

Iowa Exchange - Archive

  • New website design to improve vibrancy and content
  • Incorporate new logo colors and style
  • Easy to navigate and straightforward content areas
Trios Enoteca

Trios Enoteca - Archive

  • New website design to improve user experience and increase content
  • Detailed information regarding wine, beverage, food, wine event, music
  • Design new log to incorporate "Trios" logo and Enoteca
  • Showcase new photo sets to detail events and interior
TCR Colorado

TCR Colorado - Archive

  • New website design to combine current home development communities in Colorado
  • Re-designed the current community websites/pages to incorporate under new website
  • Designed extensive animated .gif file to present new website theme and photo collages
Standard Land Company

Standard Land Company - Archive

  • New website design
  • Animated top intro
  • Incorporate a good balance of photos that correspond to the content writing
  • A solid balance in color
Delphic Investigative Services

Delphic Investigative Services - Archive

  • New website design to upgrade look/feel/coding to present day standards
  • Designed a login page based on current database structure and clients
  • Designed web order form based on current e-mail order form
  • Designed order retrieval page

Delwest - www.delwest.com - Archive

  • 2004 Bar Award-Silver Award - Best website by builder, developer, associate or supplier - HBA of Metropolitan Denver
  • Increased web traffic by 50% from 2003 to 2004 (over 60,000 visitors in 2004)
  • Increased search engine visibility by over 60% from 2003 to 2004
  • Re-designed the company's Internet site from the ground up
  • Developed an e-mail campaign to facilitate company & marketing information to prospective clients and realtors
  • Optimized the web site for search engine placement
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