• Extensive experience in providing diverse and effective web sites for external and internal use through hands on experience with design, layout, coding and various design and web tools.
  • Broad knowledge of web marketing through internet search engines (SEO), indexes, directories, banner ads, pay per click (PPC), internet partners and e-mail campaigns.
  • In-depth understanding of a company's infrastructure and organization as it pertains to visual representation of the campus.
  • Responsible for design quality control aspects of sites, pages and code.
  • Training internal customers on web design and software tools to help users design and maintain web sites.
  • Ability to see and consider multiple aspects of a problem or situation and to be open-minded and considerate in all situations.
  • Enhanced organizational, verbal, and written skills.
  • Able to work in a variety of team environments.

Web Developer/Web Designer (11/01 - 7/05) Delwest, Marketing Department, Aurora, CO

Develop, design and maintain the company's Internet web site. Market the web site through search engines, various on-line advertising & e-mail campaigns in co-ordination with the marketing team & sales team. Develop and maintain an e-mail campaign & database in co-ordination with marketing events and promotions. Provide detailed web reports for analyzing traffic, trends and visibility.

Key Achievements

  • 2004 Bar Award-Silver Award - Best website by builder, developer, associate or supplier - HBA of Metropolitan Denver.
  • Increased web traffic by 50% from 2003 to 2004 (over 60,000 visitors in 2004).
  • Increased search engine visibility by over 60% from 2003 to 2004.
  • Re-designed the company's Internet site from the ground up.
  • Developed an e-mail campaign to facilitate company & marketing information to prospective clients and realtors.
  • Optimized the web site for search engine placement.
  • Acted as a web manager, facilitating any and all needs in visualizing the company on the Internet.

Web Development & Support, Designer (2/99 - 3/01) Exabyte Corporation, IS Department, Boulder, CO

Design & implement web sites and pages to support the Intranet community. Convert Word, Excel and other documents to HTML. Assist users in design and implementation of web sites and pages. Analyze & develop internal business processes, policies and standards for web development and support. Evaluate new products and applications for Intranet and Extranet use.

Key Achievements

  • Re-designed company Intranet main page and subsequent pages that incorporated more ease of use and promoted development and interaction.
  • Design and layout of World Wide Services Intranet splash page, navigation bars and headers that incorporated representing multiple countries.
  • Design of a team intranet site combining unique and diverse layout and navigation.

System Analyst/Reporting Solutions (9/97 - 2/99) Exabyte Corporation, IS Department, Boulder, CO

Design and develop company wide reporting solutions through the use of Business Objects. Provide support for Business Object software such as teaching classes, working with users, and application issues. Integrate databases to provide information to Business Objects. Design and implement web pages to support reporting solutions.


  • Design and enhanced 5 + Universes through conception to production
  • Worked with and maintained Doc Agent servers and Broadcast Agents
  • Worked closely with specific and general users to develop a variety of reports
  • Helped co-ordinate updates, new version and back end changes
  • Attended Business Objects Users Conference in '98
  • Researched current data bases for structuring Universes and worked closely with DBA and System Admins
  • Daily support of user community
  • Worked closely with Business Objects support to resolve software issues

Key Achievements

  • Researched and analyzed data infrastructure of key database tables resulting in the design of a usable structure for reporting against.
  • Installed and configured software to generate reports automatically from a centralized server.
  • Compilation of and teaching of, remote report running and publishing.

Process Engineer (11/95 - 9/97) Exabyte Corporation, Service Department, Boulder, CO

Resolve technical and non-technical problems dealing with documentation, engineering, manufacturing and product testing. Perform a variety of engineering work in areas such as research, design, planning, construction, quality and test.

  • Hardware: Zebra printers, scanners, All Exabyte products
  • Software/Applications: DST, MS Access, Sherpa, 4th Shift, Oracle, Visio, Netscape, AutoCad, OSAM, Doc-To-Help, DFT
  • Languages: SQL, HTML
  • Operating Systems: Windows 95
  • Databases: Oracle, Sybase

Technician II (2/95 - 11/95) Exabyte Corporation, Service Department, Boulder, CO

Inspect, repair, and testing of 8200 and 8500 series of 8mm data tape storage decks.

  • Hardware: oscilloscopes, soldering irons, meters
  • Software: Expert

Computer Technician (9/89 - 9/94) Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Kansas State University

Serviced, installed, upgraded, and repaired: computers, drives (drive alignment), monitors, software, interface wiring, networking chips.

  • Hardware: Intel 80XXX based computers (PCs), AT&T 3B1/3B2, DEC PDP-11 Series, POST-IT
  • Software: Test Drive, Micro 2000, Quick Test, Checkit, Spinrite, AMIDIAG, Zenith Diagnostics, LAPLINK
  • Applications: X-Windows, X-Fig, Word Perfect, Microsoft Word, MS-Windows
  • Operating Systems: UNIX, MS-DOS

Student Engineer (7/91 - 12/93) A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications, Kansas State University

Repaired and installed audio and video equipment, assisted in proof and performance of radio station, and maintained studio.

  • Consoles: Arrakis, Air Trak
  • CD Players: Technics, Sony
  • DAT: Technics, Sony
  • Record Players: Technics
  • Cassette Decks: Sony, Tascam
  • Reel-to-Reel: Tascam
  • Cart Machines: Audio-Cord
  • Computers: Macintosh, Wang
  • Video Applications: Diva Video Shop
  • Audio Applications: Audio Producer


B.S., Electrical Engineering, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS
A.A., Technical Electronics, Butler County Community College, El Dorado, KS


  • 2004 Bar Award-Silver Award - Best website by builder, developer, associate or supplier - HBA of Metropolitan Denver
  • Babson's Midwest Memorial Foundation Scholarship
  • Order of Purple and Gold - Butler County Community College
  • Mitchell Scholarship - Kansas State University
  • Academic Scholarship - Butler County Community College
  • Dean's Honor Roll - Butler County Community College

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